Today, other month is ending and as last month I'll make an article telling my fav stuff of this month.


For the first time this month I made pancakes. In my country isn't common and I wanted to tried. And also I started to take breakfast seriously.

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Make up

I am more animated using make up. I feel more confident and I'm not afraid of look and wear beautiful colors.

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  • Black mirror: season one.

It's a good serie. I get bored with chapter number three but it was cool anyway.

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  • Gossip girl: season one

Everybody was talking about this serie. I wanted to give a look and I felt in love, literally.

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  • Friends: season one

I used to watch random episodes and I really love the serie. This month I said I will start watching since the first episode.

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  • The dead zone by Stephen King.

Is my third book of this author, and I love him. This book isn't that long but it took me one whole month because I started classes and I do not have so much time to read.

My articles.

  • Tips on how to make a cozy room.
  • How I make my food to make it tasty and funny.

, Define myself in pictures & my name in colors for you guys to know me better.

  • What my dog means to me?!


  • Psycho by Post Malone.
  • Friends by Anne Marie ft Marshmello
  • God's plan by Drake
  • Home with you by Madison Beer.

Quotes of the month.

"To whoever read this, I hope something good happens to you today."
"If you are looking for your next love, look in the mirror."
"Kind words cost nothing."


I create a sunday routine, school day routine and a day-off routine.


I found a workout challenge on WHI that I loved! I am trying to complete. Also I add saturday to my workout days!

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Hope you enjoy reading it. Flavia