Hi beautiful.

We live in a shitty world, but there are a few things I would die for, including series.

Series is literally so amazing. It gives you excitement, joy and sadness at the same time. It's unpredictable and fantastic.

Throw my whole life, I've been watching tv series and all kinds of series from other countries.

I just love it, so much.

Therefore, here is some good shit you need to watch. It will definitely make you cry and smile, but don't be afraid of trying new things out!


The Vampire Diaries

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This was the first tv series that made me shit myself from the fear i felt and feeling myself excited at the same time. I love this, just give this a shot. i fell in love with vampires at a young age and couldn't stop dreaming of them ever since.

Teen Wolf

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its a heartbreaking, funny, sad and happy story about teenagers and werewolf's. I loved this so much for so long. Every moment of this series was so pleasing and amazing. It will take decades to forget this show.

How I Met Your Mother

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We all need Ted Mosby in our lives. He and his friends are amazing and so funny. They can say the most vice words ever, and after a few seconds be idiots. Just amazing and i love this so much.

The Good Doctor

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Wow. I don't even know what to say. This is about a doctor, who has autism. And he, he is amazing. Everything he does and everything he knows is so inspiring and important. We need more people like him. And i can't stop falling in love with him in every episode that comes. This is magical and the best series i have seen this year. Just watch, you won't be able to stop.

Everything Sucks

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The End Of The F**cking World

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this was a masterpiece. I don't know how they did it, but everything about this just blow my mind away. i fell in love with the characters within a few seconds and i couldn't escape. this was made so well and i need more of this.


skins, cassie, and eat image KAYA SCODELARIO, theme, and paris image skins, cassie, and sid image skins, maxxie, and slut image
this fucked up my mind like hell. happy ending didn't happen, and even if they did, it wasn't for everyone. This show was so fkn amazing and you could literally relate to every character in some ways, and that made this so much more real.

13 Reasons Why

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this is so important. 13 reasons why is full of sadness that we need to know about. when i saw this, the first feeling i got was anger and i couldn't bare the thought of that this could happen to anybody, or that it already has happened in reality. this show gave me another reason to hate humans and how stupid we really are. (not everyone) Kids, teenagers or grown ups, whoever that reads this, please, think before you speak.


riverdale, camila mendes, and veronica lodge image gay, rainbow, and smile image riverdale, cole sprouse, and kj apa image vanessa morgan, riverdale, and serpent image
tbh i don't really like season two. I loooooove season one, but two just fucked with my head every damn second. BUT i still love the show and you should definitely check it out. It has humor, mysterious murderer and love all in one show. Thats amazing.

Weightlifting Fairy

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this is the best. you don't know what love is until you've seen this show. Its korean, but you know what? ITS SO AMAZING. You heart will melt in every episode and you will not stop watching this. This taught me a serious lesson about humans and love and I've probably watched this over 20 times without getting bored. PLEASE WATCH THIS, IT'S SO WORTH IT


Okay I'm done.

i really hoped that you liked this article, even though i was a little bit to excited for it as you could tell hihi.

Anyways, check out my other articles if you liked this!

Don't forget to smile everyday!

And thank you.

Until next time,