this is kind of a tough one....we all are told things about ourselves that we dont want to hear. sometimes it bothers us so much that we try to put it out of our minds. truthfully when people tell me things about myself i usually ignore them. i think it is good to take criticisms but to a point...its always a good thing to ask friends and family for advice and opinions, but its all about what you do with those opinions and advice. so what is something some once told me about myself that i have never forgot?
i guess the most impacting thing someone has ever told me about myself is that "you are a bit intimidating, and i was nervous to approach you." now the person who told me that was a guy who was trying to ask me out on a date when we were in college. so i never really let that statement affect me much. however it has come up a few other times in my life and it is just something i have never forgot. now 7years after college, i work in an industry full of men, so having a bit of intimidation on my side is not a bad thing. and the people who are closest to me in my life know the truth, that i am not as intimating as i appear. so i guess that age old statement is true....never judge a book by its cover. you never really know a person until you just get to know them.