Hey everyoneeee.. these are some special tips on decorating your bedroom from the one and only, MWAH! jk jk lol (hehehehe plz ignore my bad sense of humor)
SOOOOOOO yh..remember these are just my opinions but I find them very cute..

1 ~ Paint your room in a nice light or pastel color.

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this helps to create a peaceful and serene space.

2 ~ Add stuff that motivates or makes you feel happy..

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3 ~ Put up fairy lights and special pictures to emanate a magical and relaxing atmosphere (and it also looks cute)

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4 ~ I personally think books also create a soothing and tranquil area.

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5 ~ It is important that you have a corner in your room specially for a desk and chair where you can quietly study without distractions...make sure this space is decorated exactly the way YOU want it so that you can focus way better when doing important assignments.

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6 ~ nature and plants really give off this contented, satisfying feeling.. so add a little bit of greenery to your room.

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I think that it is vital for your room to be a place that YOU love because this is a place you will spend most of your time in, concerning studying, sleeping, reading, hanging out with friends or just simply relaxing, so it is definately important for this space to be tranquil,calm and motivational.

That's it for now folks! I hope you found this useful :3 wuv you!

All of the pics in this article was taken from my collection, so go check it out!