Peacefully in and out the shore I go no real destination of what i am sure of all that i am sure of is the waves the calming motion soothing me down into the bubbles and salt.
In and out, In and out, In and out its like they go to spit me up to the shore like they are trying to pass me of like the entire world has so far but at the last second its like that regret throwing me away and they pull me back in to be wrapped in there loving hug.
Its strange this feeling like i know i should let them throw me back but for once it feels like something wants me as they never truly let me go but i know this game of cat and mouse is dangerous and the danger is growing but every time the feeling rises the soothing waves melts it away again.
why cant i stay for once something wants me maybe i should let them have me so for once i can feel loved and wanted i mean if i do crawl to the shore nothings going to change nobody will know what happend today and i will go back to my endless cycle of pain swishhh, swisssh, swwish, shhhh....