Hey Guys! I hope you all doing awesome!

Welcome to the plot of my first story in english!!!

The story is called Season Of Red Shoes. I like the name is so feminine!!

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The story is all about empowerment, and feminism. It's going to boost your self-steem and it's so light and refreshing that you're going to enjoy it reading it.

So, the story is about the HQ Magazine. HQ Magazine is where all men go to read everything about sports, business, and advices to treat women well.

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After years in university, Brianna Brady miss the opportunity to do an internship in Chrisenhall, the best magazine in town. So she chooses her only option, HQ Magazine.

But it might be a little problem when she discover that the Intern Chief is the guy she is dating with, that the magazine style is everything that she hates, and also she discover that HQ has a lot of dark secrets that go against her beliefs.

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So, do you starting to like it?

Good!! Because you're going to fall in love of all the characters, not just Brianna.
This is an introduction of the story. Eventually, I'm going to create a collection of pictures for the story, and every chapter is going to be there. I'm going to post the collection below this article once that I create it.

I'm excited!! I know that you guys are gonna love it!

This is all!

See you next time!

Tons of love... T.