HELLO, hearters.

Today I'am very happy and euphoric because it's my 18th birthday. And I propose 18 things that I learned in 18 years. Good reading! ♥

➸ Everything happens for a reason
➸ 4 true friends are better than 100 fake
➸ Family is power
➸ Follow your dreams
➸ Don't be so hard with yourself
➸ Accept your body as it is, but if you don't like it, model it, tone it, don't modify it however
➸ Fight till the end
➸ Make experiences
➸ Think positive
➸ Take care of yourself
➸ Treat others how you want to be treated
➸ You mast love yourself before you can be in love with someone else
➸ Do what you love and love what you do
➸ Paranoia will destroy you
➸ Have fun
➸ Help the other help also yourself
➸ Have always a goal
➸ There will be always problems, but we have to find a way to overcome them

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I want to specify that the list doesn't have no a specific order, it's casual.

I hope that you have enjoyed this article and, if you are interested, in the link below, there is the collection of my articles ♥

See you soon