DAY 17:

I am a leo. I was born on 11th August. In school I was always the only one, who’s birthday was in August, which I didn’t really mind. But I still get excited when someone has a birthday in August.

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I’m really into astrology and zodiac signs. I’m that annoying person that always asks for your birthday, so I know your zodiac sign.

Short description of a leo/how would people describe a leo:

Opinionated, set in their ways, well organized, idealistic, outgoing, self-assured, the worst role models, determinate to succeed, decisive, proud and romantic…

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For a long time I “hated” being a leo, because they were always presented as self-centred, egotistic, selfish... But with time I learned more about being a leo. And, yes, it true they are selfish. But to be honest I that as an advantage, I will be selfish, I have to be, if I want to achieve things in my life. I have to take care of myself, I will fight for my right. Because at the end of the I’ve got myself and I have to make life the best as I can. Nobody will do it for you.

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With horoscopes/zodiac signs, it’s difficult do know everything about a person based on their zodiac sign, plus there isn’t just those main signs (leo, libra, gemini…) it’s all complicated, and I still don’t get everything. But I like to learn about it, I think it’s interesting. Some people believe in it, and some don’t.

If you did read, thank you.
Love, K

Day 17 // 30.03.2018 // 11:11