For me, LOVE is one of the most mysterious things in our life.
Do you know why?

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I belive that God has made a perfect other half for everyone on this Earth. Which means that everyone from that 7.5 milliard people has a true love. So somewhere in the world my husband is waiting for me.

But "somewhere in the world" means that I cannot tell where he is. And do you know why is that sucks?

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Because this Earth is huge just the way it exist.

Maybe my LOVE is playin' basketball at a playground in the USA, or walking on the streets with his friends in China, or writing his homework in Finnland. Maybe he is at the other side of the world, but maybe he lives in the other half of the country. Maybe he is skatin' in somewhere in the town, but maybe he is having lessons in the next classroom everyday.

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Another question: who knows when we will meet?

Maybe if I walk to school next week, I will bump into him. Maybe I'll meet him at my graduation party. Maybe I'll meet him before an exam at university. Maybe I have already met him. Or maybe... maybe I'll meet him at my age of 71.
The last one would mean that I have to wait 55 years for him. But you know what, it's okay.

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I can be patient. Mostly if it's about him.

But... what if I'll marry someone before my age of 71? What if I'll miss the thing, and I fall in love with someone else? Or worse than that what if I'll think that that's LOVE with the perfect one? Because it can happen, we are humans, we make mistakes.

Here is an other nice fact about LOVE:
You can recognize it just when you experience it. (I mean, this is what other people say...)

Do you get it? Do you understand it?

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This is why I think life is awsome and terrible at the same time.
But mostly... super cool.
Because we can experince this super mysterious and adventurous thing we call LOVE.

(Hey there!
So, yeah... tese were some ultra-deep thoughts, this is not what paople around me can get used to from me.
Please know that these are only my thougts, so you don't have to agree with me! But mostly, you don't have to abuse me because of it!
If you think differently, then go ahead! Type it as fast as you can! And who knows... maybe the perfect one will bump into your lovely lines... ♥ )