first of all, sorry for my possible mistakes, i'm french

hey. ex bff.

we knew each other since we've been 5. in 11 years, a lot of things can happen. for better or for worse...

do you remember when you used to come my house every weekend?
do you remember how we were begging our parents for you to stay at night?
do you remember the last day of school, when we were 12, and i had a bad report, and i slept at your house, we watched boJack horseman all the afternoon and then we went to the cinema with your parents, your sisters and your brother, to watch inside out? then they took us to a kebab and we laughed so much? the day after we walked to my house, we listened music during our walk so loud... you slept by me again, but in a tent in the back of my garden, and the day after we went to that amusement park with 2 more friends...

i got a question..
how could this turn into what we're now...

we don't even say hi to the other when we see each other at school.
cause we left each other. 2 years ago...
when we were 14
you started to see our friends without inviting me
you started to smoke, to drink, and i've lost the girl i used to love
all the friends i knew because of you started to hate me and to bully me. they created a fake fb account to insult me.
& one year ago you started too. someone add me in a facebook group where i found pictures of me you sent. you took those pictures at school. i was walking to my mother's car and your were following me. and i still don't know what was wrong with me that day. but you were all laughing at me.

when i asked you what those pictures were, you sent me incomprehensible texts. you were making fun of me. i don't even fucking know why.

we used to go in holidays together. to do everything together.

a few months ago i saw you in the bus. That was strange, because the night before i thinked about you and i told myself i was missing you.
i said to myself: be brave. sit beside her. and talk to her.

i did it.

you were so kind. you were like before. i was sure that we could be friends again.
but you continued to ignore me at school. i smiled to you. you looked somewhere else. your friends continued to bully me when i tried to comment a fb picture of you.

why are you like this? who are you? i miss you, fuck, i miss you so much.