There are stories that are told on tv shows, movies, and books, emphasizing the appalling lives of some women and children that live in a society some, would usually call home. Stories of how women and young girls are being beaten, raped and then sold into an industry where modern-slavery takes place.

We listen to them with worried hearts and teary eyes hoping "oh God", please let this stop; I can't bear to hear it anymore. Then we close the book, or turn off the TV and go on praying for the victims. Then we go about cherishing the people we love and have not lost, then slowly in an instant, we go back into our regular habits.

We start to read or watch something of a lighter subject, go back talking to our friends about subjects that aren't real. We talk about these events as stories as if they were told in the past. However, that's not the case, these so-called stories are real and present and probably the future. We need to stop shutting everything down that makes us sad, it needs to be talked about constantly every day, not just once in a blue moon; then only will these women and children be stopped considered as stories.

The question is how can we start to help end a story and create some news.