Hi guys.
This year, in spite of my apathy, I want enjoy my summer.
Expecially, I want do some little things:

Cut and paint my hair
hair, beauty, and balayage image hair, pink, and hairstyle image
I want short and light blue hair and them, being so weavy, come out like this.
Do some parties
summer, friends, and pool image
Last year I've do a party, but was not very good because there aren't my friends but only my classmates, so this year I want do them better
Keep wake up for see stars
sky, stars, and moon image
Stars was Always one of my hobbies and when I will be bigger then now I want study these
Do a sleepover with my best friend
pizza, friends, and friendship image
She's absolutely the best girl of the world and she need some fun, so I want let her seesome my Harry Potter Films and let her eat all of my pizza... Okay, maybe not all, but an half yes.

Okay, guys, this was my first article and I hope you enjoy it.

Kiss and hugs,
Lil Jo