1.) Post something on Instagram/ Snapchat story or make a tweet asking for good Netflix suggestions and discover a new good movie or show to binge watch! Grab some snacks while you're at it & relax.

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2.) Go outside and soak up some vitamin D & get in contact with mother nature! Go for a walk, hike, fun, ride bikes, have an adventure with friends, etc.

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3.) Put on a cute outfit sis and do a photo shoot with your siblings, neighbor, and/or a friend! You could do it just for fun or even for a new profile picture.

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4.) Create a bomb new playlist that reflects your current mood or just jam out and throw your own dance party!

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5.) Work on your self-confidence! This is vital and important because everyone deserves happiness. Create a journal and watch inspirational/ motivational videos and create reasonable goals for yourself and/ or list of what makes you happy.

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These are a few suggestion of how to overcome boredom & become a better you! Keep your head up & remember to treat yo-self & always to lover yourself.