I know it seems like we, society, are doing pretty good. Let me tell you: we're not. We're creating this fake world, in which everyone acts like we want them to. In which everyone acts like someone they're not.

I'll take myself as an example: it seems like I’m a strong, tough girl. Like I’m never afraid. Like I have the perfect life. But please believe me when I tell you that, deep down, I’m insecure. I have a lot of fears, even if I don’t show them.

So maybe that’s the reason I’m afraid of being forgotten. Of being unloved. Of being alone. But I’ve learned the hard way to never show your fears.

Kids and teens can be very mean. If you aren’t like they want you to be, if you don’t suit their “normal”, you get bullied. When I got into year 7, I had enough of being called names, being hit and being left out. I started acting the way society wanted me to. I built walls around my feelings, learned to never talk about me. And I was finally accepted.

But that bright, sassy girl you see in the corridors isn’t the real me. I’m not sassy, I’m actually quite shy. I don’t like wearing make-up and crop tops and looking like some kind of barbie, that's not my style, I rather just wear some skinny jeans and a band shirt. I don’t care about having a lot of friends or likes on instagram, I know that isn’t real life. Having lots of likes on your photo doesn’t mean I have lots of people I can trust. But just because some I my features and the circumstances I was born in, people try to label me as "your ordinary white girl". But I'm so much more than that. I'm so much more than that girl society wants me to be.

This world is so fake. People shouldn’t be afraid of standing up against society because they’re being left out as well. People shouldn’t act like someone they’re not, just because some person long ago decided that being like them isn’t okay. Hell, people shouldn’t kill themselves because we don’t accept them. We have no excuse for those things. “I didn’t mean it like that” isn’t enough if we’re the reason people commit suicide.

I hate the fact that this world expects certain things of me, just because I look a certain way, or do a certain thing. We should be able to be who- and whatever we want to be. We should be able to show the real “us”, without being afraid about being judged.

So what if I would rather read a book in sweatpants than going out? That shouldn’t matter. I’m still the same. I’m still me.
So what if your friend tells you he is homosexual? That shouldn’t matter. He’s still the same. He’s still your friend.
So what if your sister tells you she would rather be a boy? That shouldn’t matter. He (she) is still the same. He (she) is still your sibling, the one you promised to protect no matter what.

So please accept people if they show you their real feelings. If they show you their emotions, and fears. If they show you who they really are.

We are the future, and we can stop this, but we need to do it now. People commit suicide everyday, and we, society, are the cause of it.

Change this. You may think you can't do this alone, or you may think your help won't be enough, but one listening ear, one smile in the hallways, can be enough to keep someone from dying.

Love, Anna.