Hello Hearters,

Today I am going to write more than one article because I am very late and I wanna to finish this challenge before the end of this month.
This step includes a list of things I always postpone.
Let's start!

1) Meditation.

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I think it's an activity that can give you some peace and relax. I need them so bad, but I have no time and I think that my mind is not ready.

2) Reading.

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I really try, but I am not a good reader. I finished a book this summer on the beach because it was the only moment in which I could be relaxed and I had no internet. I really think that the main problem (with a book that have to make me fall in love) is internet connection. If I was surronded by less technology, I would read more.

3) Starting a creative writing class.

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I really need to study to become a good writer but I don't do anything serious for making it come true. Yes, I am reading books about it but I do not take real lessons. I am too shy for doing it and I am too shy for telling to my parents that I wanna do it. Also, I am not sure if it worth it.

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See ya soon,

- themermaidwriter.