hiya dolls! ♡
whether i've had a hard day or just feel like a pamper i usually follow the same routine. i feel that this routine always works for me - by the time i'm asleep, i feel well & truly relaxed/pampered! ♡


1. Get naked 🙊

this is definitely a strange one at first, but let me explain.
If I ever have a spa night, i ALWAYS take off anything such as:
♡ nail polish
♡ any uncomfortable clothing (replace into something comfortable)
♡ my hair style (hair must be down)
♡ shoes
♡ accessories
♡ makeup & wash face

this gives your body time to completely relax and understand that this isn't a time for vanity. not only this, it's obviously hygienic & much more comfortable. the point of a spa is to be comfy & relaxed, right?! ♡

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2. Chores 📖

chores are AWFUL! well, for me anyway. im NOT a fan of cleaning or doing work, however, if you have any weight on your shoulders, let it go! got some homework that you're stressing over, dreading to do? do it! if you get it done, you won't have to worry about it during your spa night. i also always make sure that my room is clean & tidy before i open the spa for business! tidy surroundings = a tidy mind ♡

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3. Plan & Products 👚

take a minute to think about what you want to use & do tonight. find some products that you really like and set them out where they should be. (i'll make an article soon with what products i use)
tip: find things to do that don't involve your phone, unless you use it for music. there are much more relaxing things to do other than your phone.

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4. Atmosphere 🐝

so you've cleaned your room, BUT it may not be cozy still. you MUST create a cozy & relaxing environment to feel truly relaxed. i recommend:
♡ light candles (that smell good)
♡ get fairylights
♡ fluffy blankets

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5. Edibles 🍰

no spa night for me is complete without edibles! earlier that day you could find some recipes for any food that you'd like & prepare it for tonight. my go to spa snacks/drinks:
♡ baked goods (by myself)
♡ frozen fruits (specifically grapes)
♡ detox water (lemon is best)
♡ hot chocolate
avoid caffeine & anything too heavy (you'll wake up bloated)

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tip: open your windows for fresh air! it may get cold, but you'll soon warm up, & close them later! ♡

1. Meditation 🌺

I LOVE meditating! you don't realize how beneficial & soothing it is until you try it. it makes me sleepy sometimes! i see it as a period of time to take out of my day and truly be content. i recommend using the app 'headspace' it is free, other than some packs that you have to purchase. i use it freely, & i'm in love. i do this for 10 minutes.

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2. Run a warm bath 🛁

without baths, i wouldn't be able to have spa nights. pop in a beautifully looking and scented bath bomb, put on a face mask, use a body scrub, gel, shave & you're done! my favourite spa bath bombs are from 'lush', specifically any with flowers in ♡
what do i do once i've used my products?
don't stop!! stay in the bath longer, appreciate that you're not working. my favourite things to do in the bath are:
♡ read
♡ music (soothing music, you can find lots on spotify)
♡ if you want, netflix, but i save this for later
♡ or just lay down and close your eyes!

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3. Fun & Snacks 🍓

some people would love to go straight to sleep after a bath, but i don't. i come back to my room & snuggle up in bed, getting out the entertainment that i picked earlier. this means:
♡ reading
♡ movies
♡ manicure/pedicure
♡ spend time with pets (i actually brush my cat lol)

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extra tips:
tip: stay away from social media during a spa night
tip: drink plenty of water
tip: do get a good nights sleep afterwards

thank you for reading! happy pampering ♡
love, mads ♡