Hey there beautiful people :)

> Dress to impress ... yourself <<

I never really cared about what I wore. That changed recently. Maybe because I am more aware of myself - working out, eating more healthier - and going out more often. But nevermind, I want do a wardrobe check and I want to share it with you.

The first step I did was:

1. Checking what you got!

Personally, my wardrobe consists of oversized dark pullovers, a few basic T-Shirts in black and dark colours like red, grey and green, ripped jeans I inherited from my older brother and an two pairs of boots.

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2. Get rid of what you don`t like

To get new clothes, you need to get rid of those you don`t wear. Believe me, you will feel great after clean out your wardrobe. If the clothes are still good you can give them to second hand shops! They will be happy and you helped while tidy up your stuff! A great feeling and a good start!

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Tipp: Believe me: you need less than you think! Be generous while tidying up! Ask yourself while eyeing everything: Does it make me happy? Yes - keep it. No - give it away!

3. Start with the basics

It`s important to got some basic tops and Shirts, you can combine with other more detailed and fancy stuff. Also, make sure you got at least on eor two pairs of jeans or trosers you can combine with a lot of other clothes.

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4. Beauty comes from the inside

To feel beautyful you should start with your underwaer. You may not know but it can affect your whole appearance. Make sure you wear something you feel comfortable and beautiful in. That may be a sport bra or silk underwear - you decide.

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5. Now, let`s start building up your wardrobe

Get that thing you like! You always wanted that specific cloth, but it never felt right to buy or wear it? You never dared to wear that showy dress? It may not suited you style ... now it`s the time to wear it! You probably know the quote:

> Like it? Weat it! <<

don`t care about what others think of it, if you feel beautiful and comfortable with it, buy it, wear it!

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6. confess colour!

When I go shopping, I always look for dark and greyish clothes ... A complete black outfit or black pair of jeans may be cool and stylish, but somehow it can get boring, don`t you think. Well, try some colour. In my case my friends always wanted me to wear blue and red, while I always wore black and dark green. To change your wardrobe, get more stylish ...let`s confess colour!

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7. To complete a outfit shoes and accessoires are important

Like in my case, I never wore a lot of jewellery. But I realised how important they are to fully complete an outfit. It gives the look the finish, makes it more elegant and makes you look more fashionable.

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Tipp: were less and elegant. Make sure it fits with your hair and skin colour. (Silver for cold colours, winter types. Gold for warm colours and summer typ.) Buy quality-high jewellery and have more fun with those than cheap and maybe not as good looking accessoires

7.1 Shoes!

To make an outfit stable, you need the right shoes! Of course, black sneakers or boots always goes along with nearly anything. But a bit of variety could make making outfits more fun. Also, it can help change the whole outfit, cuz they are the fundation. Some trosers and skirts can be woren only with the right shoes.

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In the end: some tipps while shopping!

a, make a shopping list!

make sure before going shopping, that you know, what you want!
I use instagram and WHI for inspiration.

b, know your budget - but allow yourself to spend more money and be happy instead of choosing the cheaper version and feel uneasy in the end!

c, take your time!

Without knowing I spent at my free day over five hours in only three stores, always running from one to the other. Inspect every cloth and try everything I liked on. In the end I choose the one I liked the most. Now I am happy with that :)

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d, together with the upper tipp goes this one: always ask yourself, whether you can combine the piece you want to buy with things you own. If your not sure, if you can wear it with other pieces, wait. Buy it only if you`re sure you will wear it!

e, Be aware of your typ and body. Are you a sommer typ, than wear bright colours and gold jewellery. As winter typ, you should wearlight colours and silver. Inform yourself beforehand or just try differnet things and find out if it suites you!

f, my last tipp: Dare! dare wearing showy stuff, dare wearing eye-cathihng colours, dare wearing things, you didn`t dare to wear before. Just dare it!

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Hope I could help you! I feel pleasant with my new style and fashion sense!

Peace out,