Hey everyone!

I'm leaving for a trip to Italy in three days so I was looking up some hacks because ya girl has to fit all her stuff in a tiny freaking suitcase (school rules).
I found some really useful hacks so I thought I'd share 'em :) Hope you find use in them!

1) Keep your cords and chargers together with a hair tie instead of keeping them loose.

2) Use a shower cap to put your shoes in so you don't get everything dirty

3) Roll your clothes instead of folding them

4) Wear your largest shoes and jackets while traveling so u have more space in your suitcase

5) Put your socks in your shoes to use all space

6) Use small containers for all your liquid products (face, shampoo, lotion etc.)

7) Plan outfits beforehand and try to match the same jeans/pants with multiple shirts to minimize your stuff

8) Put your earrings through the holes of a button to keep them together

9) Put a cotton pad in your make-up powders (between the powder and the lid) to prevent it from breaking whilst travelling

10) If you want a cheap flight, check Skyscanner.com and type in to: Everywhere. It'll show you the cheapest flights available right now.

11) When searching for flights, using an incognito/private page will often show you cheaper flights!

I really hope you find use in this list. Have fun travelling ;)

Lots of love,
x H.