#Before #MakeUp

If you have skin like me and that's normal skin to oily skin this is kind perfect for you

First I clean my face with

blue, body, and care image

I use it every day and cleanse my pores and all the dirt
Then I use

beauty, body, and face image
beautiful, london, and makeup image
This thing is perfect for normal to oily skin after this i use lotion (second)

After all this, my skin is perfect and ready for makeup

Temporarily removed
I use this as a primer
luxury, pro, and Foundation image luxury, Nude, and studio image
I have normal skin and I do not recommend this powder to anyone who has dry skinI have light skin in winter and this is best thing to my skin.After the powder I use this corrector and it is perfect to my skin but its bad side is that it change a color for a shade after half an hour.
brush, girl, and makeup image
I put foundation with Zoeva brush number 102 and corrector with brush number 234
luxury, Foundation, and makeup image
the best thing to matte your face and one more thing I do not use creamy contours only when I really need it I put this with Zoeva brush number 101

And last for the face

highlight, highlighter, and liquid image
highlighter I really like this you can not overdo it with this

Now eyes
as a base I love to use Inglot it is showed me like the best product for me.

contour, eyeshadow, and mac cosmetics image
In my opinion, the best eye shadows have #Inglot They are soooo damn pigmented
blue, body, and face image
and this nyx glitter
beauty, brands, and eyeliner image
also as a eyeliner I use #Inglot

In the end everything look like this

girl, NYX, and cute image girl, makeup, and me image girl, heart, and makeup image
_I hope I helped you at least a little sorry for my bad english :( Love you Masha xoxo _