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Hello everyone!! I'm a teen myself so I always find my self struggling to have a good night rest of sleep.. so I wanted to share with you guys some of my tips that have helped me get a good rest of sleep. ☼

1. Stop watching tv / playing video games in your bed. Your bed should be used for sleep only. If you want play games or whatever in your room get a chair.
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2. Try drinking some sleepy time tea before going to sleep! Some people also drink water right before bed.
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3. Stop eating and immediately sleeping, but also don't go to sleep starving. I usually stop eating after 6pm. That way when I go to bed my stomach is settled but i'm not hungry. ( it's also good for you not to eat late!)
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4. Get off your phone!! 😂 Even when the phone brightness is as low as it can get. If your in a dark room with your phone up to your face you won't get tired.
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5. If little noises bother you try getting a nose maker. this will block out the sounds but also the noise makes it soothing. (having a fan on can help).
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6. If you can't fall asleep try getting up for a bit and doing something, even if it's just reading, the more you TRY to sleep, the longer you'll stay up. Also doing breathing exercises can really relax you and help you drift off to sleep.
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Thank you guys for reading!!!!

Insta: @claaraxo :)

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