Yuri on Ice, for everyone to know is a sports anime.It shows the journey of a figure skater, Yuri Katsuki, after being defeated on the Grand Prix. After a year, Viktor Nikiforov, a Russian five-time gold winner figure skater, appeared on his house naked telling him to be his coach.

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I just finished watching the show and for me, this is far the best anime that depicts a same-sex relationship. I like how it exhibits the relationship between the two guys. It was not in a very usual yaoi-sh or erotic but rather warm,intimate and most importantly, sincere.

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I love how YOI displays the almost-realistic feeling of an athlete. This depicts the mental and emotional struggles of an athlete in general. I also like the fact that the writer used a setting wherein labels are not really highlighted. (On episode 10 where Chris saw that Viktor and Yuri are both wearing a pair of gold rings, Phichit Chulanont just announce that the two are getting married.)

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YOI made me realize that the world is really better if personal preferences of every individual is respected. The world is much happier to live in if everybody's cheering one another.

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