I love 'my name in flowers' articles so here's mine💕.

🌹 Romantica 🌹

R- Rose

flowers, rose, and bed image flowers, rose, and pink image

O- Ox Eye Daisy

flowers, grunge, and hipster image Temporarily removed

M- Magnolia

beautiful, flowers, and magnolia image flowers, beautiful, and nature image

A- African Daisy

Temporarily removed flowers, wallpaper, and purple image

N- Narcissus

daffodils, narcissus, and nature image narcissus and برتقالي image

T- Tulips

flowers, white, and tulips image flowers, beautiful, and pink image

I- Iris

Temporarily removed book and the heir image

C- Cherry Blossoms

flowers, pink, and beautiful image flowers, pink, and sky image

A- Alstroemeria

alstroemeria flower, peruvian lily, and lily of the incas image Temporarily removed
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