Dream, and dream a lot.
Let go of anything that wants to make you stop.
Look at your life, pin what you like, rip out anything that doesn't add.
Find what you love, let it consume you, make it a lifestyle, make it a job.
Don't forget that you'll always be good at what you like, because, who with no passion learns to ride a horse? Who with no love learns to love a soul? And who with no vision gets to where they want?
But here's the thing, "nobody's youer than you". Nobody thinks like you, nobody sees the world like you, so why not be different?
Go for it, with all your soul, with all your love. You can do it, we all can.
It just takes courage, it just takes heart. But you are brave, and you know you that, so keep dreaming, keep hoping, just keep it going.