Hi Guys,

Welcome to my seventh exercise routine. Check out the articles down below if you want to know how I do my workouts. :)


  • I use an app called 30-day fitness challenges.
  • There's a 30-second break in between each exercise.
  • I always do star jumps as my warm up if the set of exercises doesn't have them as the first exercise.
  • I will try to add in bicycle crunches somewhere. Sometimes I will take out an exercise and replace it with bicycle crunches instead.
  • Drink water all the time and eat right.
  • I am currently doing round one of my routine which I am at the end of. I will be starting round 2, in about a weeks time.
  • This is day 29 of 'butt' which is the second to last day of round 1.


  • 30 star-jumps

WORKOUT - butt:

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  • 50 bicycle crunches
  • 34 standing glute kickbacks
  • 24 lunges
  • 24 mountain climber
  • 20 side-lying leg lift right
  • 20 side-lying leg lift left
  • 30 butt bridge
  • 24 side hop
  • 20 seconds wall sit
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This is the second to last day of 'butt' for round 1 as I said before. I still have one more butt day to go before I've finished round 1.
Routine #8 legs.
Routine #9 butt.
Routine #10 arms.
Then I will start round two for full body, abs, and butt. I will still be on round one for arms and legs as I don't do them all the time.

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Today I didn't go for a run but I did do a lot of walking around. I also do yoga before I go to bed too. Poses to help my back and hips.

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Thank you for taking time to read my article :)

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