I travel quite a lot.
Therefore, I pack my suitcase, quite a lot.
So I was thinking; ‘why not share with you what I bring’.

Whenever it’s a long duration holiday, I bring both hand-luggage and a suitcase.

travel, sky, and plane image travel, airplane, and plane image


| all my technology ;
- phone charger
- battery bar
- earphones
- iPad
- laptop (occasionally)

| a book

| a small notepad and a pen

| snacks
- usually a plain chocolate bar
- and sucky/chewy sweets

| basic vanity ;
- a pocket mirror
- pocket sized hair brush
- concealer
- tiny bottle of perfume

I don’t know why I do it - as it’s always a struggle to put the concealer, perfume and sweets into my suitcase (or plastic bag) before security, but hey, it’s better than pulling them out from your suitcase in the middle of the airport.

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| clothes
- tops
- shoes
- underwear
- trousers
all the usual stuff

| hygiene (I separate them into two categories)
washy stuff (I swear, I’m not a child ahah)
- shampoo
- conditioner
- body wash
- toothbrush/toothpaste

causal freshness
- perfume
- hand cream
- wipes
- moisturiser/toner/cleanser

| make-up (I don’t bring much make-up because what’s the point)
- more concealer
- brushes
- light foundation
- highlighter
- eyeliner
- lipstick

| at least one more book

| accessories
- sunglasses
- maybe the odd pair of earrings

| hair
- bobbles (plain black)
- bobbles (colourful, scrunchies)
- pins
- at least two more brushes