(n) a person who loves cold weather, snow.


Multiple sounds of running footsteps were heard throughout the silence of a cold night.

Heavy breaths left the man's lips as he ran.

Turning his head around, his body twisting slightly in the process, he cursed when he saw a group of five men's chasing after him.

Fear crawling to the pit of his stomach, he tightened his hold on the suitcase he had and fasten his pace.

"Yes, fucker! Curse as loud as you can. You won't get the chance to after we catch you." The man broke into a cold sweat when he heard the rough voice behind him.

The five men's ran as fast as they could after the so-called fucker.

Their guns loaded and ready to shoot if the man tried something in the line of violence.

"Split up." The black-haired man shouted.

At the eldest shout, the group split into half of two and three. The first two take the left turn and the other three, right.

"How much longer are you gonna run?" The orange haired man shouted out with a wide smile. He knew they were close.

Close to the fucker, they have been chasing after for days.

"Jungkook." The black-haired man nodded towards the other man who nodded back and turned into an alley.

Jungkook, the youngest of them all jumped on a giant trash can and hooked himself up on the wall. Quickly jumped to the opposite side of the wall, he broke into a sprint again.

In the other group, the two men's were breathing heavily as they took a turn to the left.

Their footsteps coming to a sudden halt when they saw the familiar giant figure of their fellow member ahead of them.

He was really close to the man and they knew he got him.

Taking deep breaths to calm themselves down, white puff of air left their lips, hitting their faces with a feathery touch and vanishing behind them in the cold night.

They calmly made their way towards the younger and watched him take the man from his collar from behind. Lifting him off of the ground, the man started to struggle against the hold, the suitcase still on his hand.

But no matter how much he tried to hit the man behind him with his elbow, the giant man didn't even budge. It seems as if his efforts didn't have any effect on him.

Jungkook chuckled and took the man from his front collar this time.

"Did you really thought your gonna escape from us." He raised the man to his face, fully aware of his legs dangling in the air.

"Now now!! Don't be so rough jungkookie. He's our guest." The grey-haired man said, racking a hand through his hair as he walked towards them.

The man who was still dangling in mid-air was left confused.


He thought everything was over after he got caught. He was told not to blurt out anything and he had agreed on that.

The man came up behind the dangling man and raised the back of his gun. Pulling down hard, he successfully knocked him out.

"Well! Not anymore." The blond haired man mumbled, watching as the elder put his loyal gun back to its rightful place.

After adjusting his gun the man looked up and smiled, almost making his fellow members blind.

It was fascinating on how he shines so much even in the pitch black night.

Jungkook sighed, letting go of the man's collar, causing him to fall on the cold ground.

The five men stared down at him who still had the suitcase on his side.

"So! Who's carrying him?"


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