Hey! Today's article is about music, so I'm gonna give you a playlist I'm listening to; even though I usually listen to the same old stuff for a long time, like nowadays I'm still listening to music I used to listen when I was in middle school.

♬ Sunshine Riptide - Fall Out Boy - MANIA

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I don't really know why but it's my favourite song from the album, it speaks to me in a way other songs don't

♬ Sanctify - Years & Years

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I waited for Years & Years to come back for so long, and finally I can ̶s̶i̶n̶g̶ SCREAM Sanctify out loud

♬ Sirens - Rudy Mancuso ft Maia Mitchell

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This song is give me feels I can't describe

♬ Sweather Weather - The Neighbourhood - I Love You.

(and all the rest of the album actually)

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I discovered this Album not so long ago, but recently either, you follow me? But still I listen to this album every week.

♬ Magic - Rudy Mancuso ft Maia Mitchell

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I had not totally recover from Sirens yet and we are blessed again with a new song from those two

♬ Trojan - Atlas Genius - When It Was Now

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Can't say why it's here, I discover Atlas Genius and now I listen to this song at least once a day

♬ Young Wild - FMLYBND - Back to Life EP

I don't have any pictures, but actually the three songs on this EP are amazing and makes me want to go on with my life

♬ Molecules - Atlas Genius - Inaminate Objects

band, bands, and indie image atlas genius image

♬ Over it - Macklemore ft Donna Missal - GEMINI

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This is my favourite song of the album I can't wait to scream it out on April 13th, when he comes to Paris and on July 7th when he comes to Les eurockéennes de Belfort

♬ NSFW - Rilès

black, boy, and concert image boy and riles image
SHOUTOUT to one of the best French independent artist of today! He truly is an inspiration to any of you/us who wants to start something in the industry of music!

♬ Reuf - Nekfeu - Feu

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This is the final Soundrtack of one of my favourite movie Five and this is about friendship, this song says pretty much what I feel deep down for my friends.

That's it for today, but I do have more songs for you anyway; I will write another article soon or so

Mil ☾