Bonjour We Heart It !
I saw this article, created by @writerforlife and found it very nice to do ! :)
Here's her article :

*Name :

*Nickname :

*What I'm most confident about myself :
My eyes

*One insecurity :
My acne

*Pictures that inspire me or make me happy :

travel, world, and map image Temporarily removed book, candle, and autumn image fashion, girl, and style image

*Favorite word :

*Dream job :

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*Favorite song :
When you believe by Mariah Carey and Witney Houston

*Favorite quotes

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*Favorite Quality About Me :
I'm very empathic

*What Positivity Means To Me :

Positivity, for me, it's looking for the stars when it's dark. Going through trials and not give up, the hurt comes but so the happiness.

*Advice To Those Struggling With Positivity :

Look at what you have and who you are. Flowers both need rain and sun to grow.

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