I decided to do a part 2 of book recommendations and I thought I could do book that are made into a movie. Some of you might have watched the movies or read the books, but maybe some of you just watched the movie and maybe didn't know that the movie was based on a book, I don't know.

BTW here is the link to book recommendations part 1:

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this article 😊


🕮 Simon VS The Homo Sapien Agenda by Becky Albertalli

The story is about a boy who is 17 years old and he is in high school. He has a secret that nobody knows about and that is, he is gay. The only person who knows about it is Blue. Blue is an anonymous student and he is gay too but nobody knows about it except Simon. Blue and Simon are in the same school but they keept their identities secret. But one boy finds these mails and he kinda "blackmails" Simon to do something for him. If Simon doesn't agree with it, then the mails will be leaked and everyone would know that Simon is gay and maybe Blue would find out that the person he mailed to was Simon and so on.
SO THE BOOK. Can I just say.... wow, the book is AMAZING. I couldn't put the book down, I really wanted to know what will happen next. I read the book in one night, I couldn't put the book down. Omg...

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But if you have read the book and wants to see the movie or you just wants to see the movie instead, then here is the trailer for the movie:
Don't worry there is no spoiler in this trailer. Also the movie is called Love Simon.

I haven't watched the movie yet because I can't find the movie anywhere and the premiere here in Sweden (yes, I live in Sweden) is in June. But I can't wait, I really wants to see it! But if you have watched the movie online can you PLEEEEAAASSE send me the link? That would mean a lot to me, thanks

🕮 Everyday by David Levithan

Well the book is about A and it's not a boy or a girl. A is neither a human. You can kinda say a soul or a spirit, idk. Maybe if you read the book you will understand better. But anyway, A wakes up in a new body everyday and never the same person twice.
One day he wakes up in a body of a boy named Justin. When A is at school and meets Justins girlfriend Rhiannon. A starts to like her but the probelm is the next day when A wakes up in another persons body, A won't be able to meet her again. Also they can't be in a relationship when A everyday wakes up in different body.
So the book is really good and interesting. You can say this book is a LGBTQ book.

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There is also another book called Another Day and it's Rhiannon's perspective on the story.

But if you have read the book and wants to see the movie or you just wants to see the movie instead, then here is the trailer for the movie:
Don't worry there is no spoiler in this trailer.

I haven't watched the movie. I'm planning to watch it after I read Another Day. But I hope the movie going to be good, because the book is really good.

🕮 Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon

The story follows a 18 years old girl, Madeline. She has an illness that she can't go out of the house because if she does, she will probably die. One day a family moves in next door and Maddy watches them from the window. Olly, the son, befriends her and the two begin to message each other online. They really want to meet each other but with Madeline's problem it's really hard.
More things happens, I don't want tell more, because I don't want to spoil and I'm still reading the book. But the book is so far really good!
EDIT: OMG I JUST READ THE BOOK, OMG THE BOOK IS AMAZING, CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH THE MOVIE. It would probably take days til I can jump into a new book... omg. I really recommend to read this if you like romanitc books.

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But if you have read the book and wants to see the movie or you just wants to see the movie instead, then here is the trailer for the movie:
Couldn't find a trailer that didn't spoil the movie but you can watch the trailer till 0.42 if you want. But if you don't care about the spoiler or have read the book then you are free to watch the whole trailer. It just they literally spoiled everything what is going to happen in the movie. How I know this is that I accendently watched the whole trailer and I tell you, they spoiled a lot of things...
But if you want to you can skip the trailer. It's your choice.

I haven't watched the movie yet because I'm still reading the book. I'm that kind of person who reads the book first and after that I watch the movie. But the book is so far great so I hope the movie is going to turn out great too.
EDIT 2: Omg I just wathed the movie and it was great. Olly (the boy) in the movie maybe is not exactly like Olly in the book, but I also love Olly in the movie. Nick robinson played Olly in the movie and he is actually one of my fav actors. But anyway I would recommend you to watch the movie too. Both movie and the book are great but as always, the book is better.


Thank you so much for taking your time to read the article. If you have any book recommendations for me or you want to talk about books then feel free to message me. I would be happy to talk to someone about books.
I could probably make a part 3 if many likes this article and if you have any ideas for the next article then you can message me.
Also I will probably update the article when I have watched the movies and when I'm done with the book (everything everything).

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