Today was great. Weird. But great. Today was my 21st day in a row of doing yoga so I get my new headphones! I'll have to choose a new incentive...I have treats I get for yoga but also for pounds lost. I am limiting myself to weighing myself only once a month. I've done okay for March so far. I plan to weigh myself again on the last Sunday of Spring Break sooo in like 4 days. I'm kinda scared. But if I did gain than there is a really good chance that it's muscle. We'll see. Anyway I haven't actually set any incentives for pounds lost but I am thinking they should be fitness related things. New yoga mat, heavier weights, etc. In other news I HAVE A TREADMILL NOW. Well my family does anyway. I'm so excited. I ran a little bit on it tonight and I feel GREAT! The endorphins are still around right now ha. I wasn't able to do a full workout that is installed but I a little more than half. I'm sure that if I hadn't been doing yoga couldn't have done even that much. I think my process has been good though. Starting with yoga has helped my metabolism, which has helped my healthy eating because my body has pretty much demanded it, and now that I've at least awakened my muscles I can start really working them in cardio! My sister and I want to train to run a 5k someday so why not start now! I'm really excited about starting to run, maybe to excited so I will have to pace myself and not overwork myself. I don't want to burn out. But I am feeling really confident about things right now!

*Also if you didn't get the reference in the title, go search "RUN" by BTS on Youtube. It's a bop ;-)