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Fear.(n.): An unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone of something is dangerous;likely to cause pain or a threat.

Everyone fears things in life. Thunderstorms, Roller coasters, the dark, heights or even insects. Some fear public speaking, a presentation in front of the entire class which is the fear of 'humans' practically

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The interesting part is, emotions are chemicals. Also we feel this emotion because we teach our body to create the chemical of FEAR. We can't make our body subside the waves fear so easily and instantly but we can absolutely control and summon it.

  • Deep Breatheand calm down
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Breathe and distract yourself from the thing that you're afraid of. Focus on your goal or something important. I know it's easier said than done but slowly you'll see the difference when you'll get accustomed.
  • Imagine and Believe
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Believe in yourself and imagine yourself being bold or maybe doing what you are afraid of successfully. Don't think about how others will feel about it, just think about your betterment. This would definitely help.

.The benefits of doing or controlling it

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Think about the benefits of doing or facing what you're afraid of. Think about how you'll feel after you've have been successful. This will boost your confidence. Positive Thoughts are the the most effective way of controlling your fear.
  • Just do it.
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Even when you are afraid, you aren't supposed and allowed to back out and give up. Just go for it and you'll feel satisfied and relieved after you done facing it that time. Do it and learn.

I hope this article would be a great help to you. Thank you for clicking on and reading it! Remember that:

" Let the faith be bigger than your fear."