Today I woke up wondering
The irony of life,
Millions of people in this world
And you end up by my side.

I can easily remember
The day you entered in my life,
Who knew you´ll be staying
For a long, long time.

Confusion entered my mind,
I didn´t know if this was right,
Was it love or was it not?
Maybe it was just a thought.

Then I knew you were the one,
It was more than laugh and fun,
So afraid I was of this suspense,
But little things started making sense.

And for the first time,
My thoughts were so right,
It was love what I felt inside
And it was you, the reason of my smile.

Cause in long days and lonely nights,
When tears filled my eyes,
When there was nothing left to say,
You were there to make me feel great.

And through hard and fine times,
You had held me tight,
You created this bond
That no one could ever divide.

And now, nothing compares to our communication,
To our secrets and affection,
And there´s nothing better than your hugs
To prove we are just one soul.

And look what you´re doing,
Look what you´ve done,
You make me feel so in love
Like I never felt before.

Because there are no words,
And there are no songs,
And there´s nothing that can show
The true love of our bond.

But now, something happened,
Something has changed
What is going on in this game?
Why destiny took you away?

Away from my sight
But not away from my mind,
Million miles apart
But you are traveling within my heart.

Now I see that you´re gone,
And nothing ever hurt the most
Than seeing the one that you love
Leaving our way, to make his own.

Night by night, with all of this pain
That keeps me awake
And that makes me realize
That only love can hurt like that.

And here I am, just faking a smile
While my heart is begging you to come back
To stay by my side, to hold me tight,
Cause there´s no place I´d rather be,
If it isn´t by your side.

So here´s this last chance
Because my heart is bigger than my pride,
Cause you´re still the one
That shines up my life.

Now I’m thinking while I’m writing,
How will you take this kind of letter?
It shows in the best way ever
What you did to me marked me forever.

My dear, there´s no day
That you don´t pass through my head,
Years of writing with no response
But my heart just won´t let you go.

“I hope you´re doing fine,
I hope you´ve got what you wanted,
And if there´s something that I can wish,
It´s for you, to read this gift”.

That even though we fell apart,
Even though you broke my heart,
And if someday you found out that your dreams seem so far,
And you can’t find the light,

I hope you know that I’ll be staying,
Forever till I die,
Just right here, with my open arms.

-From the bottom of my heart, from the girl you said you will never leave behind.