Hey Mistakes

The day you'll get to know me little more is here. 30 facts about me. Hope this wouldn't be boring.

1. My full name is Terézia Hrabovská, but people call me Tez or Twerka (long story why they call me Twerk-a, even if i've never twerk in my life)
2. I'm 20 y.o.
3. I'm from Slovakia. I was born in Bojnice and we have there this beautiful castle. I can basically see it from my window, when i'm back at home.

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4. I'm studying at the college physiotherapy.
5. I'm currently back in a relationship with a boy, who i was writing about in my 16 DAY of this challenge. (check it out, it is kinda deep)

6. I'm dancing from the age of 6. Now i'm specialized in ballet, contemporary, jazz and lyrical dance.
7. I'm counting my calories everyday.
8. I'm cat person! but that doesn't mean that i don't like dogs, i just love cats personalities and cats like me back. (dogs often did not, return my feelings back)
9. I have a dyslexia.
10. I always set my alarm with a number 4 in the end. (05:04 or 06:24)
11. I eat onion as an apple.
12. I don't like chocolate and nutella.
13. I was a huge gamer. (Now i don't have that much spare time)
14 - is my favorite number.
15. Once i wanted to have a blue hair. So i colored them, they ended up being black after a few showers green, then blue and then grey. I loved it.
16. WeHeartIt was place where i ended up when i was sad or depressed. Now it's for letting my creativity breath.
17. I'm really good with comunication through the internet but talking is for me really difficult.
18. I smell like a coconut constantly for a almost a 4 year (yves rocher should sponzored me)
19. I have high-threshold of pain.
20. I am a otaku.
21. I'm donating a blood everytime i can.
22. I don't know how to be angry.
23. I think that people in a relationship should have different personalities.
24. I hate shoping for a clothes.
25. Ironing is relax for my mind.
26. My best friends are mostly boys.
27. I think makeup makes me more unattractive.
28. If i could wear only one outfit till i die, it would be back high-knee socks, white T-shirt dress and vans old skool lite (ochre/true white).
29. I think Halsey is spying on me, and writing songs about my life.
30. I prioritize someone else happiness in front of mine all the time.

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These are the most random facts that i could imagine in this late night hour. Write me a message, if you want a internet friend and you think i we could be soulmates.
XOXO Mistakes