Sweetness of honey ..
And the bitterness of wine ..
the smell of whiskey..
And the taste of lime ..
Cigarette clouds ..
And ur perfume..
And every wise word written ..
And every cigarette u ever smoked ..
And every thought that ever crossed your mind ..
And every girl that kissed ur lips ..
And every person that drew a smile on ur face..
Nights u spent alone..
And the darkness that covered ur heart..
Shadows behind ur back..
Some admiring and some hating..
Ur walks under the rain ..
And the loud music in ur ears ..
Taking away every clue about reality..
Ur tired eyes ..
And the sleepless nights..
Ur stares into the void ..
And everything about it makes u who u r ..
Ur childhood memories..
And every smile u drew on someone else's face..
Ur passionate conversations..
And hostility towards others..
Ur fake smile..
Let along the real one ..
Ur observation..
The Sourness of existence..
And the existence of sourness..
A giant beautiful mess ..
It all is somehow..