This is my name in colors soo yup haha

A- apricot

peach, fruit, and aesthetic image aesthetic, orange, and ombre image

L- Lilac

aesthetic, alternative, and beautiful image aesthetic, alternative, and black image

E- Emerald

snake, green, and aesthetic image green, bag, and fashion image

X- Xanthic

flowers, sunflower, and yellow image fashion, yellow, and outfit image

A- Aqua

hair, blue, and hairstyle image blue, candy, and wallpaper image

N- Navy Blue

blue, dark, and aesthetic image blue, theme, and navy blue image

D- Denim

fashion, blue, and style image Image by Moody75 ♢

R- Rose

Inspiring Image on We Heart It flowers, rose, and pink image

A- Amber

aesthetic, black women, and Afro image hazel image