Hello, beautiful souls of WHI! 🌌 I'm Cătălina, and today I want to talk to you about blogging.

Something I never shared online... 😳

I joined WHI last year in October. Through the articles I wrote, I rediscovered my passion for words. More than ever, I want to connect and be able to do something for those who feel a bit ...lost.

I'm focused on positivity, and not because I want to force it, but because I want everyone to know it's there. ❤️

As a proof of honest and REAL dedication, here's a fact I never shared online: Last month, I decided to quit one of my two jobs (it was a great one) because I felt I didn't have enough time for my passion: writing.

I also launched my blog last month and I went for the paid version, since I want a good loading speed and pleasant design. www.my-soul-online.com 😊

Crazy or not, I've never been happier...

...But you're here for the rules 🙃

Sure, I'm willing to share with you everything I've learned so far. ^^

Write about the things that give you any sort of emotions. My advice is: never write about things you don't like, simply because they're trending.

Find a niche. - A niche is a small group of people who are likely to have the same preferences as you do. I like writing for introverts and for grey unicorns who don't know how colorful they can be. 🦄

Use paragraphs. People like scanning. Not many people will feel tempted to read a long stream of words with no spaces in between the ideas. Some people are there just for the ideas they can quickly scan.

Find an interesting title - something I need to work on. Make it fun, make it clickable. What would make you click on that article? 😊

Keywords - find relatable keywords and don't forget to always include them.

Design - if you only post on WHI, then choosing the attractive cover picture is a must! 💯

Have a goal - What's your purpose? Do you want to make friends? Then ask people to follow you. Do you want to have many subscribers on youtube? Ask people to watch your videos.

Have fun! I think you should write for yourself, firstly. You should write because there's no other way you could live your life. If you decide to have a blog to get rich, ummm... that's not how it works. 😅 It takes years and years to make an income and success is not guaranteed.

Be original. I kept the most important for the end. No one can share YOUR thoughts better than you. Of course you would not be the first to talk about love, let's say, but you felt love in YOUR way and THAT makes it special.


🌈🦄🏰 Let's be friends! 🌈🦄🏰

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