As a person who has been craving for a fit body for a life time and as a person who has been going after it for a few years; I am here to make your life easier.

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Here’s some tricks and tips how to build a habit out of fitness and how to succeed in it:


Time management is one of the trickiest parts of becoming fit but when you get to know yourself you can make it fit in your schedule.

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First list all your weekly activities and I’m not talking about exercise.

Do you have a hobby that takes place at the same time every week? Write that down.

Write all the things that take regularly time out of your week and start building around that.

Have a changing schedule? Write down the irregularities.

If you have a solid schedule every week that’s great but if it changes every week you will have to plan it every week too.

But that’s okay it may make it harder to build a habit but it’s not impossible.

When you’ve written down your weekly schedule without exercise you can now add it there.

Try to exercise at least 3 times a week for at least half an hour and try to get to the point of sweating.

This is the minimum but don’t start training 7 times a week. Set goals that don’t set you up to failure and then add times or length if you feel like it.

Consistency brings results!

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If your muscles hurt still the next time you are supposed to work out try training some other muscle group or do some light yoga or walking.

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Clean up your eating.

Get rid of sodas or energy drinks and bad fats.

Don’t eat white bread; eat something with high fibre.

What helps me get back on track is to clean up my eating for as long as it takes to become a habit again and then sometimes have a cheat day if I feel like it (candy, chips, sodas etc.)

But don't slip to old habits!

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If you can’t clean up everything at once try taking small steps:

1. Replace your drinks with water or milk. For example at restaurants.

2. Eat regularly to avoid starvation (which slows down metabolism) and need for fatty or sugary snacks.

3. Keep healthy snacks available at all times.

4. Going for a birthday party, wedding etc.? Eat dinner before you go there. This makes you full and you won’t be eating too much cake or something.

5. Never go grocery shopping when you’re hungry.

6. Need some sugar? Eat fruits instead.

7. Drink green tea regularly and lemon water in the mornings.

8. Drink water before and after you eat. This makes you feel and stay full for a longer period of time to avoid snacking.

9. Start your morning by drinking a bottle of cold water (add some lemon)

10. Low energy? Eat nuts and fruits.

11. Make your own dried fruits. Store sold usually are high on sugar and oils.

12. Black pepper is your new best friend, GET RID OF SALT

13. Don’t like salad? Try alternative leafs: f.e. spinach is a great and tasteless leaf compared to iceberg lettuce.

14. Use plant based oils and fats (in your butter f.e.)

15. Download a food app (Lifesum) to track your eating and to get a personalised calorie count to match your goal


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Eggs, rye bread, tofu, beans, fruits, nuts, fish and basically anything plant based protein source is so much better and they digest slowly which cuts down your need for snacks.

Also eating good and healthy makes you not only look good but feel good.

So find healthy foods you like and stick to them but don’t be scared to try something new.

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Motivation is a thing that fades but habits stay.

Still it’s not a bad thing to try to keep that motivation going at least for a while so try these:

1. Make a board of words or things why you want to do this. Pictures, goals (weight, reps, run a 5k, muscles), people you want to prove wrong, literally anything that drives you. Remember; you are doing this for you so don’t get hung up on other people’s opinions but sometimes they can give you a little push to keep on going

2. Take before pictures but don’t check them on a daily basis. Don’t get obsessed about how you look, fitness looks different on different people. Put a reminder for once a month to see how much you’ve made progress.

3. DITCH YOUR SCALE. Those numbers don’t tell you anything, muscle weighs more than fat.

4. Every time you are about to do a unhealthy choice think how far you’ve come and check your mood board about things you want to or already have accomplished.

5. Download a day counter to count how many days you’ve been healthy.

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You don’t need fancy gym clothes or a fancy gym to workout. You can run outside and train inside or outside without any equipment.

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If you don’t know what you’re doing the internet is full of workouts from long to short and someone guiding you or without.

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Training apps are also amazing and affordable.

Download Nike Training Club and get a personalised training plan just for you. It has voice guided workouts with videos about the moves without any equipment needed and you can adjust it to fit your schedule as well.

It’s free and you can choose single workouts to do as well.

Nike Run Club offers run goals and running training if that’s what you’re more into.

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The key to training is to find work outs that you like. Don’t make working out a chore and find something you enjoy and want to do.

If your workout routine is uncomfortable or you are not excited to do it change something. You can always make it harder later.

The most important thing is to never stop trying. You can do this.

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