The time is 30th century Crystal Tokyo. Neo Queen Serenity is loved by the entire kingdom. Nobody would ask for a better ruler than her. Her guardians were her best friends and would give their lives for her safety. She had a beautiful daughter named Lady Serenity, but the kingdom knew her as ChibiUsa. She had been sent to the time when her mother was still the legendary heroine, Sailor Moon. She admired her so much that she wanted to be trainind by her. But now, she was at the age of 15. She hated that name so much that she asked to be called Usagi. When she started her new school, she had four wonderful friends, who were the daughters of the Shitennou and the four guardians of her mother.

First of all was Shinta, she was a very loving young girl who looked a lot like her mother Makoto. The only thing that was diffrent was her personality. Shinta did not like to get into fights like her mother used to. Instead, she more likely to get away from trouble. Then, there was Katrina. She was Lord Jedite and Princess Mars's daughter. Her duties were to the sacred fire on Millenium Mountain, but she truely hated it. She would rather hang out with Usagi anytime she could slip away from the guards eyes. After, there was Amari. She was Lord Zoisite and Princes Mercury's daughter and more timid than the previous two. She spent all of her time the nose in the books and truely believe that friends weren't a necessaty in life. That there was more important things in the world. But she would soon find out how wrong she was. Last but not least was Madrina. She was the daughter of Lord Malachite and Princess Venus. But unfortunatly, she was raised as a fighter. Since her mother was leader of the inner guardians and her father, leader of the Shitennou, she was trained in the art of combat very early in her life. She had become the new Sailor V. So working as a team was sort of a handicap for her. But she was still one of Usagi's best friends.

In her first days of school, she was one of the first to enter the classroom. Unlike her mother in her young years, Usagi was always on time for school. When she saw the teacher enter the room, she thaught she had saw her before. She had long flowing brown-red hair with a pink velvet outfit.
- My name is miss Haruna and I will be your teacher for this school year. I will call out your name to take your presence. First is Tsukino Usagi. "
- Present mam. "
- Tsukino Usagi, where have I heard that name before... Oh yeah... I remember now ... Oh boy. Are you my former student's daughter?
- Yes mam. "
- I just hope that you won't be as much of a pain as she was. Even if she is our gracefull Queen today, your mother truely gave me numerous headaches while under my teachings. "
- No mam, I might be my mother's daughter, but I am not as clubsy as she was before."
- Let's just hope so. "

Usagi felt embarassed as she knew how her mother was in the 20th century. It was now the time to show how she was a lot more mature at her age.

When classes were finished, she met up with her good friend Katrina. She tried to encourage her not to worry about what miss Haruna said before. But she knew, after what had happened, miss Haruna would call her mother. But she would try to smooth her mother down before she could.
- How are you going to do that, genius?" asked Katrina
- I am very resorsfull. My mother is not all there sometimes. I will use the phone and keep all the lines busy. My mother won't suspect anything since she knows I always spend time talking to all of my firends."
- You know the teacher will try again tomorow."
- I'll just tell her that my mom has a lot to deal with the new adviser coming to the palace and doesn't have time for a school reunion."

At that time, a loud rumbling was heard in the darkest part of the kingdom. An new evil face had been awaken from it's deep sleep. She was very beautiful. She had long red hair covered by a light pink vail. Deep blue eyes and a long turquish blue dress. She was the new Queen of the Negaverse. Her name was Berylia. She was the daughter of the great evil queen Beryl and Dark Prince Endymion. She was determined on taking revenge on Neo Queen Serenity. She thaught that she was the rightful queen of the Earth. Then, she called out her followers. Generals of the four corners of the new Negaverse, called the Underworld. First was General Pyrolia, who controls the northern part of the Underworld and willed the power of fire. She had long red hair with two long strands of hair flowing down her face. The second one was Cyrius, who controls the East and willed the power of ice. The thrid was general Tera, who controls the West and willed the powers of the earth. And finally, Tempest, who controls the Southern parts of the Underworld and controls the wind. All of them swears fidelity to their Queen.

At that time, Luna was at the palace's security system and a new message had come through.
- What am I going to do? Serena has renounced her powers of the senshi to take her duties of Queen. She can't fight anymore even if she really wanted to. I have no choice, a new generation of senshis will have to be chosen." then she called her daughter. " Diana, you have to wake the sleeping powers of the next generation of senshis. A new evil had arrived on Earth and they must be stopped. Now go! "
- Wait! Mother, father, maybe we should only wake Sailor Chibi Moon. She has experience compared to the inner's daughter, who has none."
- Luna, are you sure that this is the right thing to do, she might not be able to take care of this by herself? " asks Artemis
- Do as you wish. But she will no longer be known as Chibi. You will give her the Moon Brooch and call her Sailo Moon." said Luna as she gave Diana the new transforming brooch.
- Thank you mother." as Diana left the room.

Back at the palace, Usagi was in her room trying to figure out a way to tell her mother about miss H.'s reaction about her in class. Diana entered quietly in her room and then jumped on her desk. Usagi was so scared that she fell down of her bed.
- I am sorry if I scared you lady Serenity but we have an emergency and you need to transform back into a senshi."
- What do you mean Diana? I can't transform anymore, mother took away my brooch when I returned last time."
Diana had now given her a new brooch. It was almost identical to what Serena first had in her first days as a senshi. But when Usagi transformed, the fuku was blue and red.
- What's this? Blue, I don't wear blue. Where the fuku that Pegasus gave us?" Usagi was now freaking out.
- I'm sorry Usagi, but your mother wants you to be the new Sailor Moon, now that you are not a child anymore." Diana explained.

Meanwhile, Berylia called out Cyrius and ordered her to steal as many humans as she could, so they could be corrupted to their cause. She aggrees and leaves. Then Cyrius calls out her own monster to carry out the mission. Her specialy were jewelry and was called madame Bijou. She promises not to fail her master and heads out to the streets of Crystal Tokyo.
Madame Bijou used her human form to take control of the nearest jewelry store. She was now confident enough to capture alot of humans since their desire for shining and expensif jewels were enough to corrupt them.
- Come one, come all! 90% off on all 24k gold items... One day only! Don't miss the opportunity to buy your spouse's happiness."

The day was a magnificent success. She had captured more than 50 humans, then Madame Bijou heard a noise coming form the backstore. She saw a young human girl. She grabbed her by the neck and changed into her monster form.
- Who are you? Who sent you?"
- What are you talking about? I work here part time... Please don't hurt me, I won't tell anybody that I saw you..." the girl was shaking out of all her fear.
- You lie. Who sent you?"

The monster was at the limit of her patience and was tightning her grip on the young girl's throat. She was about to kill the girl until the door slammed open. The shadow of a young feminine figure made way through the doorway.

- Who is there?" as the monster turned her neck all the way around.
- My name is Sailor Moon, champion of justice and you will unhand her."
- Help me please... " as the young victim struggled for air.
- Quiet you... I still need to know who sent you. But while I keep you quiet, my corrupted humans will go after the little upstart that is in my way."

The corrupted humans then came to attack Sailor Moon. One from the right, then another from the left... Two from behind, she wondered where they were coming from. She tried to escape with all her might, but she thaught that she might be a little out of shape for all the running around. She was now backed-up in a corner and she knew she needed help. She was about to give up, until a bright blue rose came flowing into the monsters hands, which were controlling the corrupted humans. As Sailor Moon looked up, at first, she thaught it might have been her father dressed as the Tuxedo Mask. But was surprised to see that her savior was wearing a silver-blue tuxedo. He sent her a smile and was about to leave the scene when she asked his name.

- My name is the Silver Masked Tuxedo. And it was a pleasure to be of help." as he left.

Sailor Moon grabbed her tiara and used it to purify the corrupted humans and toast the monster. She felt exausted by all that had happened, that she wasn't used to all the drama had returned in her life. Diana came by her side and ask if she was doing better, but all she had as an answer was babbling. Usagi was zoning out, remembering that really handsome man that just saved her.

The next day at school, Katrina came to see Usagi, asking why she couldn't come to the phone the night before. All Usagi answered was that she felt ill and had to rest, but she knew too well, even if she was her best friend, she couldn't tell her secret, unless they were part of the team.

- My name is Tsukino Usagi, Lady Serenity and Sailor Moon, all that being in high school and 15 years old. Hope tomorrow will be better.