name: shi ni
age: 18


american apparel, black, and fashion image casual, denim, and fashion image accessories, casual, and dress image birkenstock, blue jeans, and denmark image
skirts // crop tops // shorts // t-shirt dresses // birkenstock sandals


Temporarily removed cheeks, chinese food, and chubby image korean, ulzzang, and asian image Mature image
monolids // chubby & red cheeks // dark hair & dark eyes // 5ft tall


animation, anime, and blonde image Temporarily removed night, sleep, and quotes image quotes, good, and aesthetic image
heh, yeah...


book, movie, and music image Temporarily removed love, couple, and sunset image Image removed
sing // strings & keys // sleeeep


pink, clouds, and aesthetic image pink, aesthetic, and pastel image afraid, blue, and change image grunge, light, and red image
baby pink // blue // black


food, fries, and delicious image delicious, food, and yummy image Temporarily removed bacon, carne, and cheese image beef, food, and hot pot image asian, delicious, and food image
!!! // mac & cheese // pancake // omelette // hotpot


hands, icon, and icons image Image by Jinxthedreamer Image by 𝙿 𝚒 𝙿 𝙾 𝙰 𝙱 𝙳 Temporarily removed
beer // tea// boba tea // milkshake


one direction, liam payne, and niall horan image quotes, night, and one direction image
One Direction
fall out boy, band, and music image fall out boy, Lyrics, and alone together image
Image removed bambi, face, and indie image
ed sheeran image ed sheeran, give me love, and Lyrics image
Ed Sheeran

hope you enjoyed this, thanks for reading! :)