I just ordered a pair of 'Old Skool Lite' Vans sneakers, so I searched on WeHeartIt for some outfit inspiration. Today I will be sharing 5 awesome outfits with you that I would like to recreate once I have my pair of Vans!

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The thing I love the most about these Vans is that you can combine them with almost everything. Like, everything.

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I especially like them with highwaisted jeans, a cute top or a cool band t-shirt and a belt.

Inspiring Image on We Heart It

Last, but definitely not least, this one with the red jacket. I think this looks really cool and fashionable.

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These Vans are fashionable and you can combine them with almost every outfit. I am sure these will become my go to shoes. If you liked this inspiration article, you should definitely check out my collection!

Do you like Vans?