A friendship is a kind of love, but we all know that love is deeper, with strong feelings. How about friendship ? You can also love a friend but maybe softly, not the same way as a lover.

But does the friendship between a boy and a girl really exist ?

It is just my opinion, you can agree or disagree with. Everytime I become friend with a boy he ends up with asking me to date him.
It is a normal thing to fell in love with a friend, anyone can attract us.

But these situations are difficult, what we call the "friendzone", you can be friend with someone since years and if he fell in love with you (or you fell in love with him) and with an unshared love, this friendship would last, something will break on it. And if it is shared it will be something else, and why not ?

But also, you can be friend with someone without being stressed of any feelings, how ? If you don't become too close with this friend. But also sometimes you can fail if he is already crushing on you.

So for ending, this friendship does not really exist. Since we are attracted by the opposite gender, feelings can born at any time, for you or for him. Anyone can fall in love, with a friend or just a far person, it is just normal and stay positive. You should also know how to act.