Hello wonderful people! 💕 Today's article is actually a review of the last book I recently read and I decided to share my thoughts about this book because I think many of you, like me, have found themselves in a situation of no inspiration and no motivation.

Elizabeth and Gilbert image

Elizabeth Gilbert published BIG MAGIC in 2015 and in this book she teaches how to not give up, shares a lot of stories she personally lived and helps our unmotivated souls to keep going and work hard. There are no actual chapters in this book, but the is a title for every single story telled and six big sections: Courage, Enchantment, Permission, Persistence, Trust, and Divinity. It's really interesting and very easy to read. It's a book of instructions on how to live as creative as Elizabeth and how to avoid perfectionism, and agenda setting.
I was very curious to read this book and I'm happy I did it, because I found myself in her words, I was motivated to not give up in things that I really care about even if hard times come, I relate a lot to this woman. Creativity is not just a brush on convas, it's more and it's everywhere and it's crucial to do something that mekes you feel alive and never, n e v e r, NEVER give up or feel bad about something that makes you feel magical. Make yourself a favor, read this book and find your own magic.

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Hope you liked it even if it's a different one ☄️
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