Aloha! I'm here to talk about best friends. Most of the time you can laugh with them, tell secrets. But sometimes it feels like they are replacing you... Lets get started!

1. Laughing
I love this. When you and your friend have a inner joke and just can't stop laughing. And when you're in the mood, everything your friend does is funny. I think this is really relatable to most of you. :) I just love it. But my teachers don't so much... oops.

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2. Telling Secrets
"You won't believe what I've heard..." most common thing when you say something secret. Or "I have to tell you something...". It's great to have someone hearing you out and knowing it's save with them. Or of course when you HAVE to complain about something. Anything. He / She will come with a solution so you don't have to complain anymore, until the next thing comes up ;)

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3. Talking About The Future
Talking how you want your family, what job you want, were you live, all those thing you are thinking about with your best friend. (Or is it Just me?) Just imagine your future being just the way you are imagining. I'd love that. So why not talk about it? And what places you want to see. And probably with you bestie.

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4. Falling In Love
Yeahh... not pretty happy if your best friend falls in love with someone who likes her back. Or, it just feels like this. She's just replacing me with some dude who thinks he's everything and thinks he can just take her away from me! Well, she proves he can.
Love makes you only think about one person; the one you like. You'll forget everything else.

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5. Eating Together
Something nice after something sad.
When you are grabbing diner together and you talk and talk about everything. It feels so well-know. And ordering something you love and then the other one takes pictures. Cuz u can.

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6. Taking Pictures
Speaking about.. I love taking pictures from nature and stuff. But also my from my best friends Even more when my besties slay sm. Every time they look good I say "YAAAS GIRLLL YOU SLAAAAAY" What makes them look and feel good even more hehe. I also love when you and your bestie are taling about poses and about when you slay and stuff. :)

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So thats it, I hope you liked it! Anything relatable? Let me know by DM'ing me!

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