God your gorgeous...

Your love is never ending
Your kindness is like no other.

How can you be so pure with so much hatred in this world? You amaze me...

The way your eyes light up when you talk about the things you like.
Or the way your smile makes the angels up in heaven rejoice in happiness.

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you're just that contagious that the angels can't get enough of you...

But whats even better is your laugh, God that laugh... it makes me weak to the knees.

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Then theirs your mind. That glorious, beautiful mind of yours that always sees the good in people. I always give up on myself, but there you are, with me, every step of the way.

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I love the way you see the world. You believe in equality for all. Your belief's in love makes me fall for you all over again my friend. I cant believe I got so lucky to have met such a beautiful person such as yourself.

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My heart can't take such joy in knowing that you exist somewhere in this extraordinary world.

You're out there, somewhere, reading this article and thinking that im probably writing this about some boy, but in reality im writing this for you.

Yes, you.

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Because of you I have the courage to write and the love you give me makes me keep on going. I'm not sure you understand the power you have over my emotions but every like, every reaction, every text I receive from you makes my heart beat faster and my mind go wild.

Thank you, for everything.

I hope you understand how appreciated I am to know that somewhere in this world, you took the time of your busy life and read this... you are so wonderful I have no words to explain my ultimate gratitude towards you.

You are amazing.
you are enough.
you are perfect in my eyes.
you are strong, compassionate, smart, kind...

The list goes on and on.

Please don't change for anyone love...

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-With lots of love, Gen.
(special thanks to my dost :)