Hi my beautiful lovelies! How you doing? Well, I hope fine. Sooooo, for today I wanted to write down some tips on organisation and how to get there. Here are some I have and that make's me feel so much more productive:

1. Your desk

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So, most of us have one desk in our bedrooms that we do most of our school/work stuff. So, make your desk the way you're gonna know where's what. Perhaps, in one drawer (or if it's one big) put your books and notebooks. In other one journals or drawings etc. The thing is, you're gonna know where is what when you just separate things (idk how else to say this). And make sure your top of the desk, the place where you do all work, is clean and doesn't have much stuff on it, like maybe a lamp and laptop, even two-three books. And it just looks so much cleaner.

2. Bullet Journal

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If you're feeling like a mess all or most of the time (khm me khm) you should definitely try to write a bullet journal. You can write in literally anything - goals, resolutions, emotions, plans, write your grades, anything. And plus, you feel more productive and like you've got it all together.

3. Closet

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Oh God, this helps me so much. You know that feeling when you're just sick of looking at something? Yeah, me too. By cleaning out you're closet I mean getting rid of the things that you just can't wear anymore or that you just don't wear (like ever). I always have tons of clothes hanging in my closet (actually hanging, like jackets and stuff) and taking so much space. I've probably never worn them ever in my life but feel sorry to throw them away. But you don't have to throw them out, you can give it to someone who needs it.

4. Write Down Everything

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This is so helpful, especially if you're lacking inspiration. There are those moments when there are a million thoughts a minute going in your head and if you don't write them down they're just gonna "get out of the window". I usually always have one notebook where I just write whatever is going on in my mind at the moment and it helps so much with lack of inspiration.

5. Priorities

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So, of course we all have different priorities but we should do them as soon as possible, because if we say "tomorrow" that tomorrow's probably never gonna come.

6. Take Breaks

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Take a break from all the stress caused by tomorrows test or whatever is freaking you out at the moment and relax. Take a break from real life and use it for relaxation. You can meditate, go through WHI, tumblr, instagram etc, watch youtube videos, watch your favorite show/movie on Netflix, read... Anything that calms you down from all the stress and anxiety and relaxes you. But make sure it balances your day time you've planned and that break doesn't take that long.

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These are some I use (just try, but most of the time fail cause I'm a lazy kind of person, but I try!) and I hope this helps you with your organisation or whatever. Anyway, that's it... Have a great day/night.