**Hi guys so basically I wrote my last article thinking no one would notice it turns out, when I came back it was kind of minor famous. JKJK. I was really happy for all your guises support. If you guys want me to write some stories, Comment, STORY PLEASE.**

Weeks have passed, yet I still think of you,
why do I, after all? Do you care?
Sometimes I crave the fame, because maybe we'd meet,
but sometimes I wish I wasn't as important.
I only want you to know my name, you to whisper it,
like I do yours......................

It breaks me, it's sad but true,
Why cant I control myself, you are my everything yet I'm nothing,
Each night another dream-- waking up wanting someone talk to you,
I want it to be you, but after all I'm just a silly girl,
I just have dreams and we all know dreams never come true, not here anyway.

(this is about finn wolfhard and wyatt oleff cause im a depressed fan girl)