quotes, aesthetic, and heart image
why i said sorry, if you don't even asked for that. and why i keep saying sorry to myself before night.
sad, grunge, and pale image
why i the feeling of being sad is just magnified at some point. and why i can't even be happy anymore,..without your face.
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why do you even break my heart if you live in there.
rain, light, and window image
why do nothing really goes away. not even your face, or your eyes from my mind.
black, fog, and lavender image
why tho i started crumbling down, like an avalanche, all at once, with no previous announcements, just with one scream.
city, couple, and night image
why do i always care, even if i shouldn't
sea, hand, and water image
why i got my mind full of unsaid things
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why no matter what, i always be replaced
quotes, love, and book image
why is there no place for me ever.
aesthetic, art, and boys image
why do people always abondon me
lost, sad, and quotes image
why every secod i even miss you more and more and more
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and what is about love that makes us so stupid