He was amazing.

He was the kind of guy who you’d never expect to have a profound conversation about life.

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His mind was so bright, his thoughts jumped from one to another faster than the same light, sometimes lighting his brain on fire.

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He was so kind, he never spoke against one single soul, but his kindness sometimes emerged after crisis, after he wasn’t able to stop his impulsive fists from punching walls and things.

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He was persistent, never gave up on what he wanted, never bailed out, but his persistence made him anxious, and his anxiety started controlling his mind, started revealing his deepest fears.

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And he, the most perfect human being, started crumbling down, like an avalanche, all at once, with no previous announcements, just with one scream.

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And his big heart got broken, and his only needle got lost in a haystack.

His mind never lost power, but now he was afraid of the world.

And he felt alone while he walked through the crowd.

And he felt unloved, and forgotten.

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Life is cruel.

She is afraid of light, and when people shine, shine as much as he did, Life throws more than sticks and stones.

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Life turns rain into lightning and thunder, and places a dark cloud to cover that shinny human, until the light in that being has burned out;

until the one he once was,

the one who shone brighter than the sun, moon and stars,

is nothing more that a pale face,
with a tired mind,
and a broken heart.

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He was once amazing,

and now,

he`s just gone.