Soo this is my first article. Sorry if you find any mistakes because english is not my 1st language. DISCLAIMER . This is the full story and it will be with alot of parts and I write this just to let out my thoughts cause I dont have anyone to talk to besides the girl im talking about so yeah please enjoy it <3

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Soo everything started when I needed to transfer to diffrent class because my earlier class was teared apart because of our headmaster . So first year in this new class was pretty scary but went to that class with someof my previous classmates so it was easier for me im a bit socially awkward im scared of what people think of me because i was getting bullied in 4th class because im a little chubby.

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But everyone was super friendly and nice althought everyone there was rich and smart they welcomed me nicely . After maybe a half year I was at the cafeteria with my classmates and my classmate ( the girl that i am writing this article about) was sitting on her phone and I saw that she liked twenty one pilots and I was like Hey! I like them too and we immediately clicked . We started talking and we are so alike ! But the problem is that she is friends with one girl who is very popular in our school. It didnt bother me at all I even chill and talk with that girl she is very nice . Me and that popular girl lets call her Petricia even went to a road trip togehter and even have some memories .

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Part two will be up today