Hi sweeties, since the giveaway ended i'm going back into my posting routine, and that means the part 2 of the groups that need recognition.
First of all, can you please help me on that matter?

Now, the previous articles of the series:

Basically, i'm not going to put groups with low view, it's about groups that are not recognized as they should be, plus, i'm going to put a song for you to listen. So, let's meet our talented groups:

❖ Hotshot

❖ Dal★shabet

❖ Golden Child

❖ Rania

❖ Blanc7

❖ Fiestar


❖ Rainbow

❖ Bigflo

❖ 9Muses

❖ Cross Gene

❖ Ladies' Code

❖ C-Clown

❖ Berry Good


Did you know them? If not, did you liked to meet them? I'm going to do the part 2 of the sub-units and then this series will reach the end.
About the giveaway, i'm thinking about doing another after Pentagon comeback, 'cause i want to keep up with their new pics.
Also, i'm going to start two news article series, stay tuned!